"The ultimate goal of raising children is to help them out of our lives and into successful lives of their own. "

Blended family blues.


Just wondering if you feel that all children in a step family should be treated the same, as far as, rules, quality time etc? My husband feels that since his children only have visitation with us (every other weekend and 1 night a week/6 weeks in summer) that when they are with us they should not partake in chores, that he needs to do very little
disciplining, almost “Disneyland Dad” etc. My husband is very stern with my children but very soft with his. He says it’s because he doesn’t see his often. He carves out one on one time with his children but doesn’t with mine. I understand, however, coming from the perspective of a child this seems unfair. I find myself at times feeling bad for my children and this situation and upset with my husband. What should I do? Am I asking too much for the playing field to be equal? I just want to be fair and have a loving home.

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