Mom overwhelmed!


I feel overwhelmed. My husband doesn't listen to me, he won't talk about how to solve problems and only talks about work. We live with my mom for financial reasons and she undermines any disciplinary efforts. I had a panic attack today when the 2 year old spilled a glass of water. I'm seeing a therapist, but it doesn't help. I'm taking my masters to become a counselor and getting straight A's. My 6 year old doesn't listen and stresses me out. I've tried making friends so I have a support network, but it's all superficial. My mom tells me everything is because of how I handle things. My husband blames me for the kids behavior. My 6 year old says he doesn't have to listen to us because grandma is the boss of the house. You say focus on one problem and I don't even know where to start. I've tried to get my mom and husband on board with a discipline plan, but they don't want to discuss it with me.

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