OK, I have a question concerning consequences using the system Dr. Rosemond has advocated for decades and that we used successfully with our oldest two (now delightful and responsible older teens). We have three younger children - all rambunctious and high-strung boys - 5 year old identical twins and their 9 year old brother. All three share a room, and therein lies the rub.

I need a suggestion for what happens when two or all three run out of tickets/blocks. With the older ones, we sent them to their room for the day and, in the case of the oldest, "kicked her out of the garden a couple of times. I can't see how that works with three in a room and, frankly, a break or timeout - or even spankings - isn't cutting the mustard. These things have had little effect and put the peace of the entire family at the mercy of a single miscreant or miscreants who can raise enough fuss to make the house unlivable. They are violent to one another when their will is thwarted, generally respect no limits, and have generally proven utterly impervious to correction, going into conniptions at the mildest of rebukes, thus turning every mole hill into Everest.

I have asked a similar question here before and got the equivalent of "that's tough, you'll have to be creative." No kidding. Believe me, we know it's tough and, if I or my wife had two brain cells left together to be creative, I wouldn't be asking experts. Please answer with one or more concrete "Do it this way" suggestions. Thank you.

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