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Potty Training at Preschool


We started potty training my son 5 weeks ago when he was almost 23 months old using the "Naked and $75" method. We were so pleased/surprised that within a week or so he seemed to get it! He has been virtually accident-free at home for 3-4 weeks, both peeing and pooping, and will usually go in a public toilet with a potty seat. He rarely initiates going to the potty, we have to tell him to go sit, but it it is very manageable.

However, he goes to church preschool 2 half-days a week. For a week and a half, he had no accidents at preschool but he actually never used the potty at all. He just held it all morning. Now for the last week and a half he doesn't bother holding it and has had 4 accidents and I have to pick him up early or they will put him in pull-ups. The teachers are mostly supportive but no other kids in the class are potty training and I want to be reasonable in what I ask them to do for my child. Is there anything I can do to help him get used to going at preschool and with caregivers other than myself?


Thank you for your question! Great job on initiating the potty training!! Naked and $75 works so well, as you can see!

As far as preschool...I suggest you meet with his teachers and explain how you have approached this so far. I would explain the potty bell and ask if they would be willing to do it at school as well. My assumption (although I could be wrong) is they aren't as invested in this as you are! I would also take him to the classroom and show him the potty and have him sit on it with you there (and hopefully produce). I am the director of a church preschool and we are DELIGHTED when parents initiate the process. But I suspect that has to do with myself and my staff being advocates of N75 and early potty training.

I also assume that school is about to break for the holidays. If so, this will be the ideal time to spend a couple of weeks at home perfecting the potty training process and perhaps when he goes back to school, this all might be moot.

Remember, we want potty training to be a calm process and to not stress too much about it. He will get it! Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Good job mama!

Traci Turner
Certified Parenting Coach

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