Now what?


Hey thank you for the answer I needed..I have taken her phone permanently only reason she had a phone is because her dad lives out of town and I work far from where I’m at and he bought her a phone since he says he can never talk to her and also she has after school programs she’s in and I have to keep in touch with her for certain reasons but we took her out of those until she starts to do better..I have one on one time with her all the time but she wants all of my attention and I can’t give her that I have a husband and another child..I will try everything you have said and see how it goes from there..I’m very strict but we still have fun I don’t allow her to go everywhere but she gets super mad when she can’t go.. she doesn’t listen just like this morning she got a training bra from her cousin house and I caught her with it on and she is not suppose to have those on until she starts to form and we will go shopping together but she doesn’t listen what do I do about that ? So I’m going to read up on the info you gave me and do what you say do and see about the outcome

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