Doctor Makes House Call for 5 yo


My 5 year old son Dane is currently enrolled in Pre-K at a Catholic elementary school. He loves school once he gets there and has great behavior in the classroom, High praises from his teacher, etc. The biggest issue we have had since school started is he has meltdowns almost every morning either at home or on the way to school - mildly they consist of whining or crying about going and occasionally he puts on a little “show” of refusing to get in the car or get out of the car at drop off. We have done punishments, rewards, ignored the behavior and talked about it. I am the main one who takes him to school in the morning however our routine is currently a little off because I just had a baby and his dad is taking him (dad doesn’t do as well at ignoring the negative behavior). I know it’s a habit at this point and he gets attention from it so that’s why he does it. He likes to be in control of the situation and school is something he can’t always control. I would appreciate advice on how to get him to stop this. Happy to give more details if helpful.

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