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Potty Persistence


My daughter just turned 2, and we started trying to potty train her about 4 weeks ago. We kept her naked and stayed home as much as possible in the beginning. Sometimes she'll go 60-90 minutes between pees, but she is still having numerous accidents a day...for example, this morning she had 4 accidents...full, soaking pees, with only 10-15 minutes between them. She's not drinking that much...she had maybe a cup of milk prior to this. At a family dinner recently, she went through 3 pairs of pants. Everyone is frustrated, and it seems she's just not "getting it" yet. She will tell us she needs to go potty once she has already gone in her pants, and very rarely tells us before. We are still having to make her sit on the potty every few minutes to attempt to avoid accidents. Most of the time she will say she doesn't need to go, and she often cries and fights sitting on the potty. Should we give up and try again in a few months? For all of our sanity, we need this to improve sooner than later. I hate to give up, but am wondering if she's just not ready quite yet.

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