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Two Year Old's Toilet Regression


I have a 25 month old boy. When he was 23 months old, we began potty training him. He was in thin cotton underpants during day and night for one month. We were mostly successful with him going tee-tee with the use of a potty bell although he rarely successfully initiated the need to pee. I would have to make him go to the potty most time when the potty bell went off and if it was forgotten to be used then he would typically do a half pee and then tell us he needed to go and finish in the toilet. We were unsuccessful with him going poopoo in the potty. I believe he went 3 times in the potty for the entire month. Do to this my babysitter required we put him in pullups. This of course caused him to go backwards in peeing in the toilet and his pullups are almost always wet when he tells us he has to go or the potty bell goes off.

I started with a gate today but am a little confused as to how to do it. We have been using it all day and he just pees on the floor. He is completely able to get on the big toilet by himself and a little toilet is in the bathroom. The gating was actually for pooping. Do I leave him in there all day. It doesn't seem to be effective or am I not being patient enough. He hasn't pooped at all today yet but has had accident after accident.

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