Have You Hugged Someone Today?


my dad sometimes continually suggests that my 2.5 year old son should come and give him a hug or come sit in his lap when we are at their house visiting. They live maybe a mile away, so we see them often. I know my dad is only wanting to love on my son while he is little and he's the only grandson right now, but he will say things like "ok, papa still loves you even though you wont give me a hug its ok" or "I got you a toy don't you want to give papa a hug" or my dad will suggest that he will do something for my son if he will first give him a hug. This makes me somewhat upset inside, because I don't want my child to feel pressured into a hug or sitting in his lap. Should I say something to my dad or is this just normal? I don't want my son to feel guilty or wrong for not giving him a hug when he requests one. Please let me know your thoughts..

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