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Toilet Training Toddler


My daughter is 21 months old. I started to potty train her at 18 months (though still use a diaper at naps and night) and she has made a lot of progress but some days are better then others - some days no accidents but some days one or two accidents and generally still has bowel movements with a diaper on when she is in her crib after a nap.

Right now she will say "pee pee" and then accepts me taking her to the potty and she wants to sit on the big potty and go (like her 5 year old sister). But when i am not around is when she typically has an accident (like with a grandparent or my husband). I am wondering if i should help her be more independent by teaching her to pull down and up her pants and then encouraging use of the little training potty? Or go pack to no pants when i am not around with the little potty? Or try using a potty bell (we have not tried this at all).

Any suggestions for three months into the process?

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