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I have a 10 yo who says she is good at nothing, not intelligent, not good at school. She is not putting effort in nothing she is doing. She doesn't want to do her homeworks and doesn't care if not done and has a card report of not done homework. The teacher told me to let her go. She is full of potential. Her dad has always be on her back all her life doing small things like picking up dishes etc. Always saying push your plate you will be dirty or you will produce accident with this glass, don't do that, don't do this etc.. She says that she can't do things, that she never does good things. We taught that maybe she has learning difficulties because she has problem to focus, she is always moving and she says she never understand at school. She reads not the good words and lines switches when she reads (does she has a real problem... I don't know). She never listen to what her dad is saying and never execute order (sometimes yes) I have to ask her. She will say yes dad or mom but not do it. She is doing karate and was supposed to pass her brown belt but they decide not because of her nonchalence. She is call to sing to events because she has real talent and don't want to practice or learn and she definitely likes to sing, to compete and be infront of an audiance but not pratice and not tolerate suggestions or recommandations and get frustrated. She's not doing the chores without complaint and is frustrated about food. We are not eating like everyone else because of intolerances and she just want to eat desert and not her main plates without complaining. She is always hungry, has food but refuse it. She because to be mean with her brother and always tell him what to do and what he doesn't do well (he has autism and it's hard sometimes). I am exausted, I love her and want her the best. I know she is bright and I don't know what to do next. :(

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