Simple solutions are sometimes difficult to enforce.


I just need help knowing what, if any, kind of guidelines we should set for our 18 year old daughter. She goes to the University of Georgia. Right now, she has a partial scholarship and we are helping her get started with the understanding that she needs to have a job by January to help herself. She comes home every weekend and stays part of the time with her 91 year old grandmother and part of the time with her boyfriend, which we do not agree with or support. Her grandmother complains that our daughter does not tell her when she is coming or going and she always says our daughter is taking her stuff. I told my mother-in-law the best solution is to change the locks on her doors and not give her a key. Then tell her she can't stay until she can learn to be respectful and come in at a time she and her grandmother can agree upon. My mother in law's memory is starting to slip and she cannot see or hear well either. At what point, if any, do I intervene? We have told our daughter she is welcome at our house always if she follows the rules here, is nice to the people who live here and will tell us what time she plans to be in. She doesn't want to come here because she wants to come and go as she wants and be accountable to no one. Can you give me suggestions on what you would do? Thank you!

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