Toddler's Failure to Poop in the Potty


I potty trained my now 2.5yo boy at 21 months using the Naked & 75 method and we have had a lot of success with pee. We only occasionally have accidents for pee.

We are now almost a year into this and are still having frequent issues with refusing to poop in the potty and having accidents. I'm about to attempt the "toilet-training rehab" described in John's toilet training book, but before I start I wanted to ask about how frequent constipation and irregular BM's will impact that.

He's had issues with constipation ever since he started solids at 6mos and we've had to use Miralax for multiple months at a time to get him "regular" again, but he became a stool withholder because of the pain associated with it, and having to use methods like suppositories on occasion. In addition to that, he does not appear to be bothered by having poop in his underwear, will often have little poops that slip past his control (potentially encopresis), and loves playing with water so much that he thinks it's fun to dunk his dirty underwear in a bucket to clean them.

He shows no inclination to poop on the potty instead of in his pants, and will not take himself to the potty when the urge does hit him. Actually, he still doesn't take himself to the potty voluntarily - he holds his pee for hours and will go when I direct him to go to the bathroom (he is able to go independently - pull his pants up and down, get on and off the big potty, etc no problem and then proudly announces he did it "by myself!" - to which I say a calm and happy "good job bud!" and we move on - no crazy celebrations here.)

I am hopeful the rehab will focus him on putting his poop in the potty where it belongs, but given the fact that he still doesn't tell me when he has to go and waits to be directed or taken to the potty for both pee and poop, and the infrequent nature of his BM's, makes me wonder if this is the right next step. Will the rehab address these issues?

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