Fifteen-Month-Old Not Sleeping Through Night



Our youngest daughter is now almost 15 months. I came across John Rosemond's books almost 6 months ago, and realized that I needed to change the way I approached her sleep (she was breastfed every 2 hours of the night, and I was exhausted). Since then we established regular bedtime at 7pm. She gets one feeding before I go to sleep (around 10pm), but lately she has been waking up at 4am (I breastfeed her. We tried to let het cry but it goes on for 1.5h - we tried this for three weeks and returned to a breastfeeding) and then at 6am she is wide wake but tired again at 8am and then she naps until 10am.

Is this "normal" for a 15 month old? Compared to our previous situation, I am glad that I am not getting up every two hours during the night but it feels like she is fed a lot at night still but I do not know how to turn this around.

I must say that she started walking two weeks ago, so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it.

Thank you so much for helping us out!

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