Where Lego Ends, Tickets Begin


We just started using the ticket system on our 6 year old son yesterday. Following is an example of this morning, which we're not quite sure how to handle. Our son is busy playing with his Lego and we are ready to have family devotions. We tell him to go sit on the couch, we are ready for devotions. He gets mad and doesn't want to. He gets a ticket taken away. Before devotions start mom realizes the baby has a dirty diaper that needs changing. Son goes back to play while mom is changing baby's diaper. Dad tells him as soon as mom comes back he must go right back to the couch. When mom comes back there's another fuss about going back to the couch. Does this mean another ticket gets taken away or is it all included with the first ticket? After devotions he is told to go to his room and get dressed and he makes faces at Dad and generally lets us know he doesn't want to. Another ticket goes. Then in the bedroom he gets very rebellious about getting dresses... throws things, etc. Is this another ticket or all with the original one? Is this is what you call micro managing discipline or how do we go about this?

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