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Peers Will Make or Break 15 YO Girl


15 year old daughter confessed to me last night that she went to the park before school and had sex with a boy a few weeks ago. She has had her period, so she doesn't believe she is pregnant. She only sees this boy at school and they haven't even been having a relationship, so she says. She says she is no longer talking to him. She had a friend who did the same thing last year (supposedly). She also has a friend who recently had an abortion (supposedly). I say supposedly because I don't know what to believe that comes out of her mouth anymore. She broke our rules about keeping her cell phone and laptop in her room overnight so we grounded her from the phone (I know how John feels about smart phones and stupidly realize our mistake on this now). Then I discovered her grades at school are all very poor, so we grounded her indefinitely from phone. School supplies the laptop for school work, so we can't effectively take this away, but we can monitor her at home, etc. I did discover her texting on her laptop with a friend and told her to stop and no more taking the laptop into her room ever, but what did she do this morning? Laptop in the room. She was very tearful and feels awful about herself for her poor choices, but when I rattled off some immediate consequences this morning she says I am making her feel worse. She does have a history of depression and was hospitalized for it about a year ago. She went through counseling and ended that about the beginning of summer. She did great all summer and for a few weeks at the beginning of the school year. Then she picked up with her peers at school and is now lower than low. I haven't told dad about this as I don't know how he will react. Sometimes he is cool and collected and sometimes he is no help at all. Depends on his mood and own mental status. I am considering removing her from the school and 1) homeschooling or 2) considering private Christian education although this would be a stretch financially. I would like to know if I am overreacting by considering removing her from her friends who are doing her no favors and from school where I can't control where she goes and what she does. She also is always talking about friends who get high, gang stuff, etc. Her idols are Kim K and Cardi B. She needs a re-set and allowing her to continue at this school will likely result in more of the same. Help!!!

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