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The Picky Eating Toddler


Our son is 26 months old, and eats fairly well except for dinner. Currently, he eats meals seated on booster seat at the table at the same time we eat. He loves fruits, will eat nearly all breakfast foods, but lunch/dinner foods are more challenging. We do not give him snacks between lunch and dinner. He does not try new things at this point. Sometimes he will put new things to his lips but rarely ever takes a bite or puts the new food in his mouth. Most of the time he whines and pushes the new food away refusing to even try it. Dinner has always been a struggle. We have given him Stage 3 Gerber baby food for dinner since he was a baby because he will eat it and it has vegetables and meat. However, we recently decided to stop giving him the Gerber's and giving him what we eat for dinner. We don't force it but we encourage him to taste it. If he does not eat his dinner (which he has not eaten a dinner since we started this one week ago), we let him get down and he goes to bed hungry. We typically give him some milk after dinner (since he has not eaten since lunch).

What can we do to get him to eat dinner and try new foods?

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