Follow Up Potty Training Question


Hi Traci Turner,

Regarding your answer to one of our questions from 10/22/2018… can I clarify something please...?

2. (Your answer): Day sleeps - Was he sleeping thru his nap with a pull up on? I would suggest you use your judgement and do what you think necessary to allow him to sleep well during nap time. Toddler sleep is vital for brain development and behavior management! I would make sure he sits and urinates before you lie him down for his nap. He will get all aspects of this soon. Take it one step at a time. Don't stress or worry. Just go with your gut. It usually is right!

My clarification questions - Until we started toilet training, he was regularly sleeping 2.5hrs during day with the nappy on but now (with the cotton underpants) he usually wakes after only 1.5hrs - we expect because he’s wet. We have him sit on the toilet just before his nap. Are you suggesting, we should put him in pull ups over his day nap or does this tend to work itself out when the awake time potty training falls into place?


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