"If; when your child does something "bad," you feel bad about it, your child won't. "

4 yo Kicking the Door in Timeout


I am having some behavioral issues with my very strong willed four year old daughter. She has become very sassy and disrespectful - sticking her tongue out at me, refusing to following directions, and constantly antagonizing her twin sister (hitting, pushing, mocking, etc). I have employed the three strikes method where the first strike involves a 10 minute timeout, second strike is 20 minutes, and the third strike results in timeout in her bedroom for the rest of the evening. She refuses to stay put in any location in the house for timeout, so the only option that works is putting her in her bedroom with a child lock over her doorknob so she cannot open the door. The problem I am having is that she keeps repeatedly kicking her door during timeout, to the point where I think she will kick a huge hole through the door! It's loud, disturbing, and disrespectful, and I have not been successful at getting her to stay quietly in her room. How can I force her to stop kicking her door when she's in timeout?

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