Two year old potty trained except at night



My son is two years and two months old now. We started potty training him about 3 months ago. We used Naked and 75 and it took about 7 days. They were stressful days, but it paid off. He doesn’t have any accidents during the day anymore and will use the potty on his own. He still needs some help getting his clothes on and off, but we’re working on it! One thing that has been a big trouble for us is night time training. We haven’t used diapers at night and instead we’ve used waterproof mattress covers. We actually had some good success with night training where a few days a week he would wake up dry. Well… for about 2 months straight he has wet the bed at least once every night. He never even wakes up to let us know that he peed. We either find out in the morning or I go check on him in the middle of the night because I don’t want him to lay in it all night. Anyhow, any advice on how we can handle the situation better? I’m fine to march forward and keep doing it this way, but it has been loads of laundry and lost sleep, so if there is a better way, that would be awesome.

I did find this linked article that mentions putting a child back in diapers until they are 2 ½. Would my son be a good candidate for that? If so, what is that transition like? Is there any other good information about there I can read about this strategy? I have a couple of John’s books already, so if there is a book that covers diapers during bedtime, please let me know.

On a side note, he rarely has an accident during his naps, just seems to be at night.


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