Estranged Teen Son


I am recently divorced, my ex had two adopted children(her sisters kids, given up and taken away because of drugs/prison)....the children(girl 8, boy 13 now) were very undisciplined which caused most of our problems. I have a son from a previous marriage. He was part of our family until my ex's daughter accused him of "misconduct" after she was caught for the second time acting inappropriate w her cousin(the first instance was before I even met my ex).
My son denied it when myself and his biological mother confronted him on it. I believed him by his actions and words....i didn't have that feeling like I was being lied to(gut feeling). My step daughter was and still is a patterned liar....for any reason whatsoever....attention, avoiding consequence or duty, to get others in trouble etc.
My wife and I felt we had to report it to CPS to keep everyone safe, should the daughter say something to someone outside of the family. Investigation was done, and CPS declined to offer services after interviewing my son only.
My son decided that since I didn't believe him,(which he assumed since I "turned him in"), that he wants no further relationship with me. No visits no calls no Christmas no gifts nothing.
What do I do? His mother backs his decision.
Do i pursue slowly?(attend events like his sports activities, but not speak to him)
Or back off completely and resign myself to no longer having a child, whether biological or steps?

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