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Getting a 4 and 6 yr old help get ready for school bus


This year my 4 year old has joined my 6 year old in the morning school routine, as she is in 4K and the other in 1st grade. They take the bus to school together and they have a list of things to get ready for school (getting dressed, brush teeth, dirty clothes to laundry, make bed). I have been having issues now that there is 2 getting ready, they will often get side tracked playing with their little sister or brother (ages 2 and 10months). I want to begin using an egg timer to help them stay on track and make them responsible so Im not chasing after them. Can I use this for both kids? Is the 4 year old too young to start that? I am considering no tv for the rest of the night when home from school if they do not beat the timer. Also, any tips for siblings fighting over who gets bathroom or sink, when multiples are getting ready at the same time, would be helpful as well. Thanks for your help!

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