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How to Deal With Potty Accidents at Home


My two and a half year old has been potty training for 7 months. She does great when out. When we are home she pees on herself and says nothing. This is ONLY happening at home. What are we to do???


Thank you so much for your question. I know you are tired of cleaning up wet messes! My advice is that your little one needs to take on the job. From now on, she is responsible for cleaning/changing her self and taking her wet clothes to the laundry area. Putting some of this responsibility on her ensures that you aren't having to micro manage the process and that she is involved in making this process successful. She is also to clean up the mess on the floor. Of course it will not be perfect, but will suffice until nap/bed time and you can do it well.

Hope this helps.

Traci Turner
Certified Parenting Coach

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