Six year old needs a leader.


My son just turned 6 and started Kindergarten at a really great private school that has high expectations for kind behavior. His behavior in the classroom is very good, but he's having a bit of trouble on the playground. He's gotten into trouble for sticking his tongue out at another child and most recently for pushing another little boy and spitting at him when the teacher asked them to apologize to one another (the little boy pushed my son too).

We made it very clear to my son that pushing and spitting are unacceptable. If it happens again we're prepared to kick him out of the Garden of Eden. In the meantime, how much time and effort do we need to spend "coaching" him on alternative ways to manage his frustration? Should we do role playing and talk about things he can say rather than resort to spitting when things don't go his way, or will these exercises go in one ear and out the other? What is the best way to nip this behavior in the bud?

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