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Book Trouble


My almost 4 year old tears books, as in the covers off or page(s) out of books. We have removed all books from his room. We have found that when we do find a book that is torn it is a result of him being sent to his room for discipline. The last one was his younger sister's book. Interesting it doesn't happen every time he is sent to his room. How can I make it stop?


I'm so glad you asked this question. Dealing with preschool emotions on a daily basis can be exhausting. You have a little one who has found a way to express his frustration when not getting his way. Being a book lover myself, I would be very upset to see him tear up a book, but you need to be sure this doesn't get you emotional. You are the parent and you are in control of the situation and your emotions. When he has torn a book, firmly and calmly tell him "No, you don't tear up books." Then he must be punished in a memorable way. It's time to up the ante. You may choose to make him stay in his room for longer or go to bed a lot earlier. Be creative. John has lots of ideas in his book "The Well Behaved Child." It's time for him to feel the pain and not you. By no means do you need to feel guilty for disciplining your child. Be sure to spend some time with him each day reading a book together and show him how to handle and enjoy a book. Parenting is a long road and you have to persevere with discipline. You can do this!

Jada Waldrop
Certified Leadership Parent Coach

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