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working parents with a 3 yro


Our girl will be 3 beginning of November. She is going to Montessori School 5 days a week from 9am till 5:30pm.

We are dance teachers, we teach adults at our own Argentine Tango Studio, so most of our work activity is from about 6:30pm till late at night, 10:30pm being the earliest. 1 am being the latest. We try to keep 1.5 day off - Friday and half Saturady - till about 4pm. Sunday we work all day long.

We try to figure out the way to training our girl on being independent so she can be staying with us at the studio. She has her own room there, with bed, potty, Montessori toys, books etc. We have no problem with her running around us and 'participating' or 'teaching' the lesson, but if she comes out of the room she is just clinging to one of us, becomes very loud, and wants everyone to play with her, which we of course cannot do. So what's ends up happening she is stuck in the room watching TV with her babysitter every single evening. She doesn't fall asleep until she is in the car on the way back home...

I guess my question is how to teach her to co-exist with our job requirements. If we cannot make her coexist - we essentially never see her. And she is getting 'stupider' by the minute with all the TV she is watching. What also happens is that she always requires someone to play next to her - in this case either one of us (preferably mommy) or the babysitter.

We read in the book about '30 minutes method' so everyone goes and do something by themselves... But the thing is we do not have that time. And we cannot really allow her loud tantrums if she decides to protest, as we have dance students almost continuously present...

How we can teach her to play alongside mommy or daddy teaching and ask for help if she need something but not cling to the leg or asking to be on hands all the time....

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