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Screen time is all up to you!


I am at my wits end with screen time and Fort Night. I try and stay by a limited number of minutes and it’s never enough and always ends up in a huge battle . I give him an hour he takes five extra minutes then a yelling match and I am spiraling out of control with what is necessary and what is healthy . Does it affect his mood most definitely. Does it effect his sleep, not normally. It is not in his bedroom. He has a 27 year old brother who currently resides in the home and plays as well when he is not working. I need some guidelines to help.
I always threaten to take it away, and do for a couple days until the brother wants to play and the controls are given back. How can I make this work and make everyone happy.? I can’t punish the 27 year old, I am just fed up with the addiction to this game and need help!

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