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What is your opinion about phone apps like "Find My Friends" that allows parents to know their children's location? I had never heard of this but when my oldest left to college, she introduced me to it, suggested I download it on my phone and added her name. She said other college-bound friends installed it for their parents and this way we wouldn't worry where she was. I don't use it much but if I know she is returning late from a concert or out of town trip, it's nice to be able to look at it and get the reassurance that she is back safely at her apartment. I told my 17-year-old, who currently runs the app when she is out of town or out late in unfamiliar territory that we would do the same when she left for college. She balked at this idea. Can't decide if, at that time, we should play the "it's our car, and our phone" card or not insist. As an aside, I told my 80-year-old father about the app and he loved the idea. Said if they had that when we were teens, he wouldn't have lost all his hair!

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