"As children grow older, parents must give them greater freedom, including greater freedom to make mistakes. "

Loads of Laundry


My son is 30 months old, going on 3 years old. We are starting to work with him on potty training so we completely got rid of diapers/pull ups based on John Rosemond's book "toilet training without tantrums" I stayed home from work for 4 days and followed the book exactly. Every night like clock work he pees in the bed. So every morning the incontinence pad under his sheet and bedding is washed. Based on the Toilet Training book by Rosemond, it doesn't seem like putting him back in diapers aligns with Rosemond's view of potty training, he even mentions in the book the child needs to feel that he is getting wet. During the day, he usually averages one accident, which is typically poop in his pants. Can you offer any advice? we are staying the course without diapers right now, and even at daycare he does well unless he's napping.

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