"As children grow older, parents must give them greater freedom, including greater freedom to make mistakes. "

How to effectively delay consequences for 5,6 yros


I’m struggling to understand how to enact delayed consequences as described in The “Nipping” Principle and could use some suggestions.

It’s easy enough to do while on errands as both my 5 and 6 yr old are on ticket systems, but what about when we have company over? Recently the 5 yr old lost all her tickets and was confined to her room, yet grandparents were set to visit later that day. It seems counter-productive to let her out of confinement to have a fun-filled afternoon being spoiled by grandparents, yet they want to be able to see her and interact with her. What would be a good solution in this type of situation?

What about long weekends away from home, either visiting family or mini-vacations? What about a week long family vacation? How would I use both the ticket system they are currently on as well as delayed consequences in both these types of situations? Something to keep in mind - my 5 yr old is a high misbehaver who has needed multiple disciplinary actions in both these scenarios, although she wasn’t on a ticket system then nor were we using the principles laid out in "The Well-Behaved Child".

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