Okay to Throw the Game Plan out the Window?


My husband is a sports nut....I am NOT. To his credit, he sees the insanity kids' sports has become and tends to be very level headed about things. Our 11 year old son plays rec (not the super competitive) football, and his team signed up for an optional tournament 3 hours away. It isn't mandatory for the team - just for fun. My husband thinks it would be a fun trip for he and our son (I'd stay back with our other kids). My initial reaction if that no kid needs that much time (3 days with traveling), energy, money or focus put on a sport. Also, it will require missing a day of school which makes me even more annoyed although my son excels in school and will be fine missing a day. My husband says he understands both sides and will support my decision as a united front.

I feel like we have 3 options and wonder what your advice is. First, we could just let him go and have fun and be a normal kids whose mother isn't the crazy/boring one for once. Or we could say no because 11 year olds traveling for sports and missing school does not really fit into our family values. Or we could let him go, but tell him that it is above what we normally would do for sports time- and money-wise. He would have to earn $150 (he takes care of the neighbor's dogs and does odd jobs for grandparents) - he would take that money to pay himself for some of the gas and food for his dad and him during the trip.

Our son is an overall good, responsible kid with little to no behavior issues. What are your thoughts?

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