Attention-Seeking Behavior Disguised as Lack of Confidence


My 8 yr old son is hard on himself and can be quite stubborn. It's a crazy mix of attributes that my husband and I are having a hard time navigating. If he misses 1 spelling word, he shuts down and says "I'm the worst speller ever!". I have a difficult time reigning him back in to complete his homework. He likes school and wants to do well, but he just won't hear us when we explain that he won't get everything right ALL the time and mistakes are ok. He also loves to play baseball, absolutely loves it. When he misses a grounder or gets out, he slumps his shoulders forgetting any sense of hustle and sits in the dugout in the corner by himself. He allows his negativity to consume him to the point he is not a supportive teammate, i.e. he's focused solely on himself and his failure. I know he wants to do better. We simply don't know what else to do for him to help him work through this phase. He's not hearing any advice we offer, examples we show him, or prayers we send up. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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