Potty Training after Illness


We started toilet training in early March using N75, when our daughter was 22 mos (now 25 mos). She's made great progress with bladder control - rarely has wet accidents, and seemed to be doing well with bowel movements on the toilet by April. She 'graduated' to pants and then to underwear too, much to her delight!

Then within a week, she was having bowel movements in her underwear. So we removed them. Then in her pants. So we removed them and went back to N75. Then she seemed to get back on track by mid May with rare accidents so we brought back pants. Then we had a long (2 1/2 wk) crosscountry road trip, and she got a nasty bug w/diarrhea, etc and was unable to control her bowels. Now she's over the illness and we've been home for 2 weeks, but she's still having accidents in her pants. She'll say 'toilet please!' just after having them. 'Yucky!' she says.

Sigh. It is yucky. How do we help her recognise her body's cues and get to the toilet in time? Do we go to N75 _again_? N75 forever! :) Our first daughter learned in the opposite order... it was bowel control then bladder for her. I just find bowel movements in pants and on floors etc... much more difficult to handle than wet accidents. Thanks!

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