"Children learn whatever you teach them, whether you've intended for them to learn it or not. "

It's Really Not Personal


I am having a respect issue with our son, 14. At his 8th grade graduation celebration last night, he ran way ahead of us to meet his friends. He has done this several times, and we have told him he needs to wait for us. I approached him last night about it again, he said he doesn't want to be seen with us. I understand he is breaking away and wants to be "cool", but his attitude is horrendous. If I acted like he did towards my mother when I was his age, she would have pulled me out of there by my hair. I have taught him how to hold open a door, and he refuses to do it properly for me. It's just practice and common courtesy, but he does these little things to resist and undermine our authority. I am seething angry at him, and I am sure it's because I am not taking action. What can I do?

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