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My 13 year old daughter and my ex-husband are currently a problem. My ex has taken her to a therapist without telling me for the last 3 years and we have joint legal and physcial custody. Our current arrangement is week on week off between the two households. My daughter started her period this fall and is going to a very ritzy school where material things are all over. Her hormones are raging and for the first time in her life she has decided that she hates me and would prefer to live with her very wealthy father. My husband and I also live a very nice lifestyle; however, we do not do everything best in the world like my ex. I need help! My ex ilegally picked up my daughter from basketball practice after I had disciplined my daughter. He called me after the fact to say he had her. The following day he filed an ex parte order. Once I went to court the judge was infuriated with my ex for lying to him and we were also appointed a guardian ad lietem who was not impressed at all with my ex and his behaviors. My ex ended up dropping the case as he knows our judge is about to retire and he was getting scolded by everyone. My daughter turns 14 in October and he is waiting for her to make an elective decision with our new judge at that time. In the meantime, my daughter has been nothing but defiant and nasty to me. She was disciplined two weeks ago by me and fled out of the house saying she is terrified of me. There is so much more to this story that I would love to explain. Defax is now involved as she told her school counselor that she was scared of me. Before Defax was involoved I was willing to give my daughter to my ex until the end of the school year on the condition that she and I have a weekly meeting with her therapist. I forgot to mention that my ex shared legal documents with my daughter from my divorice with him from over 12 years ago. I went through post partum depression after giving birth to her and he threw me in a mental insitution and filied for divorce. He has now filled my daughter’s head that I have borderline personality disorder. None of this has ever been documented by a professional and trust me I saw a lot of them once my ex threw me in a mental insitution. So, back to giving my daughter to my ex until the end of school.....I had spoken to the therapist and told her that I was willing to give my daughter to my ex if she agreeed to weekly appointments with my daughter and myself. The therapist has not followed through at all. She said she had to meet with my daughter alone the first week and then me the following week. We are now 3 weeks in with no joint appointment. She told me on the phone that this would take a lot of time to undue and that my daughter needed to stay with my ex. Also, my daughter has told everyone at school that I am crazy and that I have verbally abused her since she was born. This is not true. My mother has been a teacher at Athens Academy in Athens, Ga for over 26 years. I come from a good family of honest and good people. I am a great mother. My mother bought me all of John’s books which I have read. I truly need help. My ex is so verbally abusive to me and is a negative influence on our daughter. He only has a leg to stand on because he is very wealthy. Please help. This is a huge mess and I love my daughter (despite her raging hormones) so much!!!

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