Angry 7 y/o


I am writing today about my middle daughter, 7 years old. She has been a high misbehavior since she was 5. She has been on your charts and we have removed her from the garden in the past as well.

She seems to have a cycle of seeming to overcome her behavior issues and then they rear their ugly head 3-6 months later and we are back on some sort of chart. Her behaviors include rage sessions where she will get angry about something seemingly little (like being told no to another drink of water before bed) and proceed to hit or kick her mom and dad, throw things, destroy property purposely. Recently she flipped over a coffee table and wooden toddler bed. Her sister (8 years old) decided that she does not want to share a room with said daughter any longer (they have shared a room their whole lives).

We are feeling at a loss for how to proceed. What sort of consequence is appropriate for kicking your parents or turning furniture over?

She has been grounded to her room (which has nothing except her bed, blanket, and pillow in it) for the last two days.... we just don't know what kind of consequence is going to get through. We do plan on keeping her home from school for field day, which is this week.

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