Obedience over Exasperation


Hello! We are currently working on one misbehavior of 6 years old son. He comes home from school and would not do what he has to do- wash hands, change cloth, do homework, eat and after do whatever he wants- play, colors, etc. My husband and me have to repeat him hundreds times-“ did you put your folder in backpack”, “ go and change your cloth”, “Go do this or that”. He starts to argue with us. So we told him- We have to tell you one time, if you are going to argue and we have to repeat you second time, you are loosing your block. So sometimes he would loose his blocks until last one-his room. After we sent him to his room, he starts to come back downstairs, asking one more chance , crying, telling he doesn’t want to go to his room. He wants to tell just one more thing. We keep sending him in his room, but he is still coming back. I feel like we are not doing correct the system.
Or may be we choose wrong target misbehavior.?
Thank you!

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