21 month old cannot be disciplined like a two year old



If it is possible, I'd really like to ask a follow-up question here...

So, first of all, it seems my dedication was poor and now I feel horrible. I wanted to do the right thing, but I guess I was being to strict. Anyhow, I have read Making Terrible Twos Terrific and The Well Behaved Child.

The method that I used described in the original post was pulled right from Making Terrible Twos Terrific, specifically the Creative Discipline section, just before An Ounce of Prevention. That being said, chapter three clearly references 2 year olds throughout the chapter. Now, I know my son is 21 months, but will 3 months make a huge difference in using this method?

If I shouldn't use this method, what is the right response or way for him to pick up his toys at this age if he doesn't? I have been using Alpha Speech and trying to make it clear as described in the book. Should I be more specific and just have him pick up a certain collection of his toys? Or maybe try and make it a habit to put his current toy away before getting another? Either way, what do I do if he does not? And then, am I stuck doing that method until he turns 3? Or is there another point when the flip can switch?

Sorry, I feel more confused after reading your post, so any specific help for my current situation would be really appreciated.

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