21 month old too young to understand boundaries



If it is possible, I would really like to ask a couple follow-up question to this post.

When you say that we should not chase him after he does something bad, we should still walk towards him slowly and emotionless to get him to put him in timeout, right? If not, should we just ignore the bad behavior that he was doing in order to be chased or ignore him running away altogether?

This might be specific, but in regards to the comment about him being in a public place... let's say we take him to the park. How do we properly define the area he can play in? At this age can he understand those invisible boundaries? For example, "stay within the swing-set or we're going home." I read Terrible Twos Terrific, and I'm trying to be proactive taking from the "Ounce of Prevention" section of the book.


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