21 month old just wants to have fun!


Our son is 21 months and really likes to run. This has manifested in two different ways. One, he really likes to be chased. He will do bad things on purpose so that my wife and I have to chase him in order to catch him and put him in timeout. Is there anything we can do to stop him from getting the thrill of being chased? We try not to play along, but he hides behind something and waits for us to make a move before changing directions. He is hard to catch if we don’t try. Secondly, in public he sometimes wonders off or wants to run away. I read John’s book and it suggests we just leave the public place and take him home. Do we also give him a timeout when we get home? We’ve been doing 1 minute time outs at home in his crib. The only other question I have, is what if he wants to leave the public place and go home? Isn’t that a win for him if we leave? Is putting him in a stroller for the remainder of the time out a good solution? Any suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks!

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