Let Son Choose His Own Extracurricular Activities


My son is a great student and a talented athlete. He is in 8th grade and during middle school I made him play soccer, take band, run track and just this past year he decided (on his own!!) to try wrestling. He excels in all of these. He, on his own, has no desire to do any of these extra-curricular activities, but I make him because I believe there are benefits to them. While on the team, he works very hard and does not let on that he "hates" playing.

He is entering high school next year and I have asked him what sports he will try during high school. He said "none." Do I continue to make him do things, or in high school do I let him choose for himself to do nothing besides academics?

If he does not play a sport, his dad picks him up from school and lets him go to his house and play video games until 7pm when he gets home to my house and then he starts homework.

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