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Living at home or on campus for rebellious teen?


Our eldest is my step-daughter and she is graduating high school in May, and beginning a university program in town in summer. She has planned to live on campus, but is now feeling anxious and wants to live at our house full time while going to school. For the summer session this seems amenable as she will get accustomed to the work and lifestyle of college. However, for the fall/spring term I am concerned she won't make friends as easily (her high school friends are not good friendships). She (and her 15 year old brother) are also back and forth with their mother very irregularly. I don't want to feel like I'm running a hostel, especially with small children at home and the need for a consistent schedule. Should we encourage her to live at home and save the money, despite the potential inconvenience to our household? I already know with adult children, household rules are difficult.
Thank you!

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