2 yo Stay the Course with the Potty


My son is 29 month and we trained him to use the toilet seat 2 months ago. We didn't use toilet chair because he likes the seat rather than the chair. For most of the toilet visits, we would have to prompt him to go. There are days that he will be completely dry, but days that are 3-4 accidents in a roll. There are times he resists going to the bathroom when prompted. So we would take him a bit later. Recently, his imagination has been a main issue for the bathroom visits, especially outside of home. He's afraid of the dryer, the fan, and many intrigue details we don't notice.

Right now, I can't say that he is 100% toilet trained because of his unpredictable toilet visits. Sometimes, he calls for "going to the bathroom" is because he wants attention. He even pee intentionally when we put him on a time-out chair.

Please help me out where I did wrong and how I can help him?

Thank you!

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