I know this is a "parenting" site but I value John's opinion greatly and would be interested in his take on how to respond to my own parents (in their 70's) who are going through a difficult time. My father recently confessed to sins from his past and is battling Satan's lies & doubts of forgiveness. We (our mother, his kids & church members) continuously reassure him and provides scripture to affirm what God promises but it's an ongoing battle. He can't seem to move on. He has lost tons of weight and can't sleep (and keeps our mother up too). My father is like a record player who repeats his doubts and insecurities over and over and nothing we say seems to make a difference. I am not a fan of drugs (he does take some sleeping pills now) or psychiatrists but we can't seem to get him through to the other side of this and feel this can't continue on much longer. He is physically and emotionally weak. We've encouraged, reassured and now we are to the point where we think it's up to him stop this self doubt & pity and to to focus on others. We want what's best for him and to be able to move on but he seems stuck. Thank you for your time & any advice you have.

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