"The child who is disciplined as well as he or she is loved is a happy, healthy child. "

5th Grader Must Respond


How do I get my son to take responsibility for his actions, his chores and his homework? I have tried everything from reverse psychology to taking privileges away from him and nothing seems to work. I feel like he just doesn't care. He is on the verge of repeating the 5th grade because he lies to me about his homework and classwork. I even keep in communication with the teachers on a daily basis and sometimes he still fly's under our radar. I have visited the idea of putting him in military school since 2nd grade, but it is too expensive, so I am trying to make do with what I have available to me. The teachers, my mom, my friend who has tutored him, my boyfriend and my oldest son have all tried to help me with him and when we think we've made a breakthrough and that progress is being made, he reverts back to being lazy and I don't know how much more I can take. It is absolutely exhausting and stressful and I have enough to deal with right now going to the doctors 6-9 times a week for a car accident in which I was rear ended that messed up my entire right side. How do I make him care and how do I make him responsible and accountable for his choices? Any advice would be appreciated!

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