Two out of Three


My 9+ year old talks back to teachers and classmates, calls other students names, won't follow directions of teachers and refuses to do what he's been told (one teacher captured it perfectly saying he's always putting on a show in class).

He's in above grade classes; currently in 3rd grade, is very intelligent for his age, he has a 16 year old and 13 year old brother.

He had a lot of take 5's from school last year from his homeroom teacher and I worked to get him on track, we made it through okay last school year.

This school year we've been on a roll, he's had a lot of take 5's (2 per week) and minor incident reports, and he's managed to progress adding 4 more teachers and 2 substitute teachers too.

Whenever I tried to kick him out of the garden last year he would cry so hard the neighbors would hear, one time he threw up in the closet I cleared for him. I have had various talks with him. I even said I would buy him things to sell so he can be more respectful. I asked him ... if he starts a business will he be better for the people he's serving? and he said yes, I want to go to Costco and buy him things to sell like gum and Doritos.

I also need help with my 15 year old who used to get few referrals at his age and currently shows traits of disrespect to adults when talking to me and his teachers in school as a preschooler. He's already been called out 5 times this school year, he thinks he knows more than me and he has his own life plan not necessarily to always follow mine. (My 16 & 13 both have iPhones and 9 yr old a weego phone, and iPad for school work, their dad bought them a PlayStation and we have internet too). I just cut the internet and cable and took away the 2nd iPad.

Please help, I can't afford a parenting coach but I think we may need family therapy which is covered by my insurance. Am I the cause of this? I'm a divorced single mom and have been raising my 3 kids solo for 9+ years. I have no issues with my middle, GT, A/P respectful, humble, helpful, never had a referral, know what he has to do at all times but my 9 and 15 year old show traits of anger. Do we need family therapy, I work 9-5 or sometimes longer so I'm not there when he gets back from school. I blog, teach vision boards & volunteer some weekends for my own self-care... I can't afford to not do that for my own well being.

Thanks so much in advance.

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