"In the eyes of a child, parents are "mean" when the child discovers that they mean what they say. "

Costly behavior


My 9yo son has broken household items in fits of anger over the years. Most recently a kitchen chair that he threw and a window that he punched. We have kicked him out of the garden and he has to go 25 days without getting 3 strikes (refusing to obey, getting upset when things don't go his way) to get back in. My question is how do we go about having him repay us for the broken items? Total cost is about $300. He had $18 that went toward it. Do we count the money from the March Break camp and extra-curriculars that he will now not be attending towards it? Should we take it out of his bank account that contains money he has received as gifts over the years? Or is there another way you would suggest?

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