When Children Regress, Parents Must Stay the Course


So after battling our three year old hitting, biting and pushing in his class we’ve now enetered a new area of regression (I’m 7 months pregnant). He is now constantly having potty accidents at school and home, more at home. He has days where he’s ok and then streaks of constant accidents. Frankly, it’s been going on for months, but now it seems more frequent. I have to constantly remind him to go. We’ve punished him, made him clean up his own mess and even threatened to put him back in diapers (which he is wearing today after three no. 2 accidents this weekend). He’s been potty trained since about two years of age. We’re at our wits end and don’t know if diapers is the answer since I’m afraid it will only perpetuate the problem: him going in his pants instead of the toilet. We have asked for advice, scoured the internet. Everyone seems to say it will pass but we feel it’s only getting worse, almost like he’s forgotten how to know when it’s time to go. Help!!!

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