Potty Training 3YO


We have twin girls that turned 3 in November. And yes, we are like many of the parent who are struggling with potty training. We tried before they were three and when it didn't work, we put them back into diapers and have waited until they were "ready" or were "diaper shame" at preschool, as was the the advice of pediatrician and others. Wrong...now I know! I should have stuck with my intuition when I bought all the potty training stuff when they turned 2. Anyways, focusing on the future and getting them trained.
1. Do we start with the N75 training or do we have to go straight to using the methods you suggest for "rehab with an older child" due to their age
2. To confirm, do you daytime and nighttime train at the same time? And just know that nighttime will take longer and show them what to do if the wet the bed in the middle of the night
3. For twins, do you suggest twice the potties around the house?

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