2 yo Stay the Course with the Potty


My son is 27 month old and recently, and we started toilet training one week ago. The first five days we used N75 with thin cotton underwear and potty bell and allow him to run basically anywhere he likes within the whole house (a bi-level house). He recognized the use of potty chair and eliminate right on the first day! However, from the second day, there was no more in the potty, but everywhere else in the house. By day six (yesterday), we decided to introduce the gate. He used to play within the kitchen (where my older son used to play, too), so we restrained him there by telling him, "you need to pee and poop in the potty before you get out of the kitchen". We got plastic underwear for him. In the mean time, we use a cell phone ring tone to occur every 30-40 minutes to remind him. While he was in there, we come in and out for our own business. Nobody stick with him and hover over his progress. We just stopped by and checked periodically. At the beginning of the confinement, he would wail and cry for hugs and accompany. We would go in and comfort him, then we move on when he stopped crying. (it feels almost like sleep training!) At the end of last night, he said to me he wants to pee, so I pulled his pants down for him. He peed! However, today, he resisted again. He even peed right beside the potty. Where did I do wrong? Or should I just need to stay in the course?

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